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Alsace is a plain surrounded by the Vosges mountains (west) and the Black Forest mountains (east). It creates Foehn winds which, along with natural irrigation, contribute to the fertility of the soil. In a world of agriculture, Alsace has always been a rich region which explains why it has suffered so many invasions and annexations in its history In the hollow where the Lorraine plateau meets Northern Alsace lies a secret region with rich, rugged landscapes. Discover ©INFRA-ADT. Northern Alsace. A land of craftsmanship and history, Northern Alsace boasts a rich heritage to explore! Discover ©Tristan Vuano. The Plain of Alsace Alsace, historical region and former région of France, incorporated since January 2016 into the région of Grand Est. As an administrative entity, it encompassed the départements of Haut-Rhin (Upper Rhine) and Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine) and was bounded by the régions of Lorraine to the west and Franche-Comté to the southwest Alsace is the Germanic region of France. It is a region lying on the west bank of the river Rhine, between the Rhine and the Vosges mountains. To the north and east it shares a border with Germany; to the south with German-speaking Switzerland, and to the west with Lorraine and Franche Comté. Historically speaking, Alsace was part of the German-speaking area of central Europe, and to this day. Alsace er en historisk provins og en tidligere administrativ region i Frankrike som 1. januar 2016 ble en del av den nyopprettede regionen Grand Est. Alsace hadde et areal på 8280 km² og 1 861 020 innbyggere i 2013. Hovedstad var Strasbourg.

The region is the first level of administrative divisions on the France map.The region of Alsace has the number 42 and is divided into 2 departments, 13 districts, 75 townships and 904 municipalities. Below you will find the localization of Alsace on the map of France, and the satellite map of Alsace The Alsace region is located in north-eastern France and is famous for its wine, its colourful half-timbered houses and its castles which sit enthroned on the summits of the Vosges mountains. Since the 1st January 2016 the administrative region of Alsace has been part of the new Grand Est region along with Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne Pre-Roman Alsace. By 1500 BC, [citation needed] Celts began to settle in Alsace, clearing and cultivating the land. Alsace is a plain surrounded by the Vosges mountains (west) and the Black Forest mountains (east). It creates Foehn winds which, along with natural irrigation, contributes to the fertility of the soil. In a world of agriculture, Alsace has always been a rich region which explains.

Alsace-vin (i fransk: Vin d ' Alsace) blir produsert i Alsace-regionen i Frankrike.Det produseres noen av Frankrikes beste hvite viner i en mangfoldighet av jordsmonn og druetyper. Alsace er i all hovedsak et hvitvinsdistrikt, og det dyrkes en lang rekke forskjellige hvitvinsdruer, hvor de meste kjente er gewurztraminer, muskatell, pinot blanc, pinot gris, riesling og sylvaner Alsace Region of France - History | Regions of France. When the Romans conquered Alsace in 58 BC, they quickly established viticulture and Julius Ceasar himself claimed the wine made there was the best of wine produced in Gaul Alsace Tourism: Tripadvisor has 862,539 reviews of Alsace Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Alsace resource L'Alsace s'étend sur le bassin-versant du Rhin [Note 5].La gestion du Rhin (et de la Meuse) relève de l'Agence de l'eau Rhin-Meuse, sise à Metz.Dans le cadre du programme intégré du Rhin (de), la France et l'Allemagne ont aménagé des ouvrages pour écrêter les crues du Rhin. En France, il s'agit du polder d'Erstein (qui intéresse également les communes de Nordhouse et Plobsheim.

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the Alsace Wine Route has everything you could wish for in a holiday! Discover. Follow the guide. The Alsace Wine Route is France's oldest wine route and an endless source of surprises and new experiences for a truly exceptional time! ©ADT-Infra. The Alsatian Wine Route Alsace Wine Region: A Manual for Oenophiles. July 24, 2013 - Updated on September 12th, 2019. What should you know about Alsace wine as you explore all the wine regions of France? Learn the most important facts about Alsace including its major wine grapes and blends De Strasbourg à l'Est à Nogent-sur-Seine à l'Ouest, la Région Grand Est s'étend sur 57 500 km². Elle compte 10 départements : Ardennes, Aube, Bas-Rhin, Haute-Marne, Haut-Rhin, Marne, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Vosges. (5 552 388 habitants soit 8,4 % de la population française). Profondément européenne, la Région Grand Est est la seule de France à être limitrophe de. We visited the Alsace wine region in early August, during an unusual heat wave in Europe. Daytime temperatures reached 35°C (95°F), which is much warmer than normal. Towns like Colmar, Kaysersberg, and Riquewihr were crowded but it wasn't unbearable. We spent three days exploring the region by car before moving onto Lucerne, Switzerland

Set in a former post office dating from 1640, this hotel is located In Sierentz, in the Alsace region. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and relax on its terrace, by the garden. Outstanding Michelin star restaurant Ten minutes away from Basel Airport Great comb The region has a unique heritage, as it has changed hands between France and Germany on several occasions throughout history. The wines are heavily influenced by their German neighbours, and even the bottles share the same fluted shape. Climate. Alsace benefits from a semi-continental climate, which is mostly sunny, hot and dry Alsace Region Map and Travel Guide Visit the Historic Region known for Wine, Great Cuisine, and Idyllic Landscapes Below is a map of the historic Alsace region of France, once the smallest French region, located in the northeast of France on the Border with Germany and Switzerland Retrouvez toutes les infos sur l'épidémie de coronavirus en Alsace tout au long de la journée. 07:00 | CORONAVIRUS [Data] Covid-19 : suivez les chiffres au jour le jour en Alsace

Alsace is a lovely and fascinating region of eastern France to explore, with impressive cities such as Strasbourg and Colmar, the Alsace wine route to follow, historical castles set on isolated hilltops, pretty villages sitting quietly in the vineyards and forests of the region, and large areas of protected and scenic countrysid Alsace. Alsace fronts the Rhine River in eastern France, and borders the countries of Germany and Switzerland. It's famous for stylish wooden houses adorned with colorful flowers, gabled roofs, and chimneys - sometimes topped by stork nests. In facts, nesting storks are commonly seen in the region The region is renowned for its wine (Alsace Wine Road), great food, and well preserved towns highlighting the 16th century architecture that escaped much of the devastation of World War II. A unique border region and one of my favorites as it still has not been overdone with tourism browse Alsace (France) google maps gazetteer. Browse the most comprehensive and up-to-date online directory of administrative regions in France. Regions are sorted in alphabetical order from level 1 to level 2 and eventually up to level 3 regions. You are in Alsace (France), administrative region of level 1 Alsace er en region i det nordøstlige Frankrig, som er berømt for sine hvide vine.Regionen ligger i læ af bjergkæden Vogeserne, hvilket giver et tørt og solskinsrigt klima, som i kombination med en kompleks jordbund gør området særlig egnet til vinproduktion. Denne branche med en årlig produktion på omkring 160 millioner flasker er af stor betydning for regionens økonomi. 90 % af.

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The Alsace is a region in France on the west bank of the Rhine River bordering Germany. Throughout history, this area has flip-flopped being under a German and French flag. The areas inhabitants have their own language, Alsatian, and have developed a unique culture including food with influences from both countries Heraldry of the Alsace region of France (Armorial de la généralité d'Alsace: recueil officiel) FHL Collection containing coats of arms and names of the provincial society in the last years of the 17th century--nobles, important townsmen, manors, earldoms, bailiwicks, towns, villages, guilds, schools and univerisities, brotherhoods, religious orders, hospitals, corporations, etc

Alsace is a cultural one-off. With its Germanic dialect and French sense of fashion, love of foie gras and choucroute (sauerkraut), fine wine and beer, this region often leaves you wondering quite where you are. Where are you? Why, in the land of living fairy tales, of course, where vineyards fade into watercolour distance, hilltop castles send spirits soaring higher than the region's. Alsace, part of the new French region, Grand Est, is a cultural and historical area of Eastern France.It borders Germany and Switzerland and has alternated between German and French control over the centuries. The result reflects an incredible mix of both cultures. With its villages of brightly-painted, steep-roofed, half-timbered houses, Alsace certainly feels Germanic Alsace is the region of Europe with the greatest number of feudal castles, as a sign of its tumultuous history. More than 400 of them are in ruins but hundred are relatively intact The most famous and the most visiting french monument: the castle of Haut Koenigsbourg with a large panorama on Vosges plain and an impressive architecture

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Explore Alsace holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. So hard to nail in terms of its character, it proudly guards its own distinct identity, language, cuisine, history and architecture - part French, part German, 100% Alsatian Search Europe France Alsace Alsace . Welcome to our Alsace family history research page. Here you'll find record collections, history, and genealogy resources to help you trace your Alsace ancestors Check out more of our drone shots here: https://bit.ly/2SO2Zw3 Come travel vlog with me in one of the most beautiful regions in France, Alsace! Strasbourg, C.. Alsace is one of the great, under-appreciated treasures of the wine world. This pretty enclave of fairytale villages in the lee of the forested Vosges Mountains offers a wide range of varietally labelled wines, of which the aromatic whites are still, despite global warming, much more successful than the light reds. For much of its history, Alsace was Elsass and part of Germany région d'Alsace. 16,654 views. Share. Calque sans titre. Strasbourg, la capitale de l'Alsace. Ottmarsheim, la ville où se trouve le collège Th. Monod. Made with Google My Maps. région d.

The Alsace wine region is virtually unique in France in that producers are allowed to put the grape variety on the label of their appellation contrôlée wines. It is also unique in that the. Alsace AOP makes up about 74% (2015) of the region's wine production and it is nearly all white wine. Unlike the rest of France, most Alsace AOP wines list the grape variety on the label, which means the wine will contain 100% of the listed variety

Alsace definition, a region and former province of France between the Vosges and the Rhine. See more Alsace enjoys a mild climate, where the weather is rather cold but often sunny - so sunny that this is France's driest wine region, with a little less than 24 inches (600 millimeters) of rainfall per year Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France in 1919 after World War I.The French government's attempts to rapidly assimilate Alsace-Lorraine met with problems, however, especially in France's plans to substitute state-run schools for the region's traditional church schools and in its attempts to suppress German newspapers (German being the written language of 75 percent of the inhabitants)

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Featuring a bar, Hotel Arok is located in Strasbourg in the Alsace region, 1.2 miles from Strasbourg Christmas Market and 1.5 miles from St. Paul's Church. Practical location. Quick check in at midnight. Friendly reception staff. They where all kind but thank you Valentin and Juliette! Room style: furniture, lights, decors, colors. Chic France's Alsace wine region seems a world apart from the rest of France. Alsace sits on the verge of France, with a culture, architecture, and cuisine uniquely its own. Alsace's wines are also unique. The grape varieties that grow there, for the most part, don't grow elsewhere in France. The wines of Alsace are varietals, [ Learn about the best places to visit in the region with our list of the top Alsace villages and medieval towns. 1. Colmar. Colmar. The dainty picture-perfect beauty of Colmar belies its importance as a center of culture since the 13th century (especially during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century)

Located on the German border, the Alsace region is famed for its scenic vineyards and medieval villages. On this tour from Colmar, benefit from a small group size as you follow the Alsatian Wine Route, stopping to sample Alsace wines at a local wine cave, and visit the '4 wonders of the Alsace—the picturesque villages of Eguisheim, Kayserberg, Ribeauvillé, and Riquewihr The best, and best value, white wines you've never drunk. Yes, you heard right, Alsace, a region's whose wines are not exactly at the peak of wine fashion these days, and that's a shame. While Alsace's 16,000 ha may have accounted for only two percent of France's vineyards in 2004, and although 50 percent of the production is still made by cooperatives, paradoxically the region remains the source of some of the world's finest white wines. There are several reasons for this: the region's 47.5 degrees HOLIDAY WEATHER Alsace. Alsace has one of the driest climates in France though it does have a continental climate. Alsace has four distinct seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. During the winter months, due to Alsace's location, there is snowfall in the area but this makes it an ideal location for skiers and snowboarders to visit Guide to (Alsace-Lorraine), France (once Elsass-Lothringen, Germany) ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records

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Alsace Grand Cru is the appellation for the finest still white wines from the Alsace region of northeast France.Created in 1983, the appellation was based on a classification of the region's vineyards carried out in 1975 and has been the subject of several subsequent revisions 154 feriehus i Région Alsace - alle til beste pris Sammenlign alle tilbydere 100 % ekte kundevurderinger Rådgivning på: +45 7020 311

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Wine Press - 3 White Wines From France's Alsace Region Perfect For Fall (Photo Gallery, Tasting Notes) Updated Oct 05, 2020; Posted Oct 05, 2020 . 4 The size of the French wine region of Alsace is about 15,600 hectares which is approximately 39,000 acres. So it's one of the smallest wine growing regions in France. The Alsatian Wine Road is made up of 119 villages and is approximately 170 km or about 105 miles of winding roads Colmar, Alsace Region, France puzzle in Street View jigsaw puzzles on TheJigsawPuzzles.com. Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more Contrasts of Alsace and the Vosges Self-Guided Walk Destinations Ammerschwihr, Ribeauville, Thannenkirch, Lapoutroie Age Range 8 to 99 year olds Country Region Alsace & Lorraine, Northern France +1 more Travel Style Adventure, Group, Fully Guided, Hiking & Trekking, In-depth Cultural +3 more Operator Exodus Travel

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  1. alsace rocks we've gone virtual! Join Alsace Rocks online for a virtual campaign showcasing the best of this northeastern French wine region—from its high quality, incredibly affordable wines and passionate winemakers, to its wide range of distinct soil types and grape varieties
  2. The Alsace region is located in eastern France and borders with Germany. The eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains. Although there is heavy industry along the Rhine river the countryside and villages are very beautiful
  3. Alsace did not become fully a part of France until the era of the French Revolution in the 1790's. In 1793, the French government divided Alsace into two departments (provinces), Bas-Rhin (lower Rhine) in the north, and Haut-Rhin (upper Rhine) in the south
  4. Recipes from the Alsace region of France: Menu Alsacien, Traditional Alsace dishes and recipes, Appetizer, Main Course, Tart and Dessert recipes, Alsace Cheese, Food and wine pairing, Regional French food recipe

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Alsace. 1 216 615 liker dette · 8 870 snakker om dette. Innovations, success stories, attractivité, tourisme, universités, entreprises... Bienvenue en.. For Bugatti, however, it's a reason to celebrate its home region of Alsace. Though it's now part of France, the Alsace region has switched between sovereigns, most often France and Germany, and been the center of geopolitical conflict many times in the past 400 years

The Alsace Region The Alsatian vineyard spans from the the Vosges in eastern France to the Black Forest in Germany, covering over 15,500 hectares from north to south. Comprised of around 300 vineyards across 120km of land, the region has been cultivating its sacred vines for over 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest wine regions in the world Alsace. A historical region located on the west bank of the upper Rhine, and now part of France, which changed hands between France and Germany several times throughout history. Since 2016 it has been part of the larger region of Grand Est. Translation Alsace is also an ideal France travel vacation haven for family outings: the Bioscope, the Eagle Park or Monkey Mountain appeal to both children and adults. Unique gastronomy, world famous French wines, charming villages, wonderful hospitality: The France tourism region of Alsace has the very best to offer, all within a beautiful setting

The Alsace-Lorraine region of present-day France has belonged to both France and Germany in the past. (Today, the region is called Bas Rhin [Lower Rhine] in France.) It originally was part of the Holy Roman Empire, but gradually became part of France from 1552 to 1798, by way of conquest and diplomatic compromises Alsace is known for its fantastic landscape, its colourful half-timbered houses and more than 400 ruined castles. The Alsace region is renowned for contemporary art thanks to there being more than 250 museums. The region is known worldwide for producing textiles, chemicals and electronics, as well as for farming - but that's not all

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  1. Site officiel de l'association fédérative pour la protection de la nature et de l'environnement en Alsace. Association membre de France Nature Environnement
  2. The region called Alsace has changed hands between France and Germany a number of times throughout the past centuries. King Louis XIV first established French sovereignty over the region after the Franco-Dutch war of 1674 and it remained French for over 200 years
  3. Although wine may not have been invented in Alsace, there is no doubt that it has been enjoyed in the region since immemorial times. The first traces of vine in Alsace Though only distantly-related to present-day grape varieties, grapevines existed in the Rhine valley area long before man had appeared there. Fossilized leaves of Vitis genre [
  4. Discover all the wineries in Alsace wine region that accept group reservations for 8 persons at least. Is it necessary to make a reservation before visiting a winery in Alsace wine region ? Whether you are visiting a famous winery or a family-owned winery, we advise you to book in advance of your arrival to ensure you receive the best possible welcome
  5. g French after the Thirty Years' War, German after the Franco-Prussian War, French again after WWI, German during WWII, and.
  6. The beautiful region of Alsace offers a splendid opportunity for a break any time of the year. Although the architecture is influenced by its close proximity to Germany, there are many gites and cottages in Alsace available to rent for a short break or longer holiday

Alsace is not the only one in between, there is Luxemburg, or the Belgian-German community, and in France you have the Basque region. So we are not unique. But these regions do not want to become. Alsace AOC: The standard classification for Alsace wine, Alsace AOCs make up 74% of the region's produce. To qualify for Alsace AOC status, 100% of the grape varietal that has been labelled must be used. Reds, whites and rosés are made under this classification, though 92% of all of these wines are still and white

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