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The rough equivalent of 5 ECTS credits is 2.5 American credits. We therefore advise to transfer credits along a 2:1 ratio. Students from universities with an American credits system should verify their school's credit-granting process. Transfer of credits is at the discretion of the home institution European Nazarene College follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This system is one of the key elements of the Bologna Declaration of 1999, originally signed by 29 countries, currently by 47 countries, and intends to develop a comparable educational system across national boundaries The typical full course load at an American university implies 15 U.S. credits per semester, which is equal to 30 ECTS credits at a European university. So the factor between American and European credits is usually 2, i.e. 1 U.S. credit point equals 2 ECTS credit points 2 ECTS = 1 UA Credit . Australia . Australian National University : Units . Unique . 6 Units = 3.75 UA Credits . Australia . Griffith University : Credit points Institute for American Universities : Credits . 1 . 1 Credit = 1 UA Credit . France . The American University of Paris : Credits . 1 . 1 Credit = 1 UA Credit This table serves as a guide for students and advisors to calculate UofSC credit earned through international study

There's nbo such things as an ECTS grade, while ECTS are standardized grades within the bologna system are not! Also, many institutions who use ECTS don't grade on a curve. And in many countries E (or 5 in a 1-5 system or 1 in a 5-1 system) means failed. - user64845 Jun 24 '18 at 14:4 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard means for comparing academic credits, i.e., the volume of learning based on the defined learning outcomes and their associated workload for higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. For successfully completed studies, ECTS credits are awarded

0.5 FCE = 6 ECTS (1 credit module = 12 ECTS) Waterloo University 0.5 credits = 6 ECTS (2.5 credits = 30 ECTS) CHINA Beihang University Tsinghua University Peking University 1 credit = 2 ECTS University of Nottingham Ningbo 10 credits = 5 ECTS (60 credits = 30 ECTS) Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University 5 credits = 7.5 ECTS (20 credits = 30 ECTS. In Asia, including Pakistan, you have to multiply Pakistani Credit Hours by 2 in order to convert the credit hours into ECTS. And if you want to convert the ECTS into credit hours, then u need to divide the ECTS by 2. Although the criteria for thi..

The Office of the Registrar will review all previous college-level transcripts to determine what credits may be eligible for transfer to American University (AU). Individual teaching units (schools, colleges and/or departments within the university) will determine how this credit will apply to specific degree programs and university requirements ECTS credits are awarded only when the course has been completed, all requirements have been fulfilled, and examinations have been passed successfully. At the University of Bonn, one academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits that are equivalent to 1,800 hours of study Convert student workload as prescribed by your university to The European Credit Transfer and accumulation System (ECTS). This tool is easy to use and accurate

ECTS credits are awarded to a student only upon successful completion of the course year. Progression from one year to the next is determined by the course regulations. Students who fail a year of their course will not obtain credit for that year even if they have passed certain component courses ECTS also makes it possible to blend different learning styles, such as university and work-based learning, within the same programme of study or through lifelong learning. How does it work? 60 ECTS credits are the equivalent of a full year of study or work. In a standard academic year,. While Europe uses the standardized ECTS system, credit transfer systems vary widely across the world. The systems may vary greatly even among institutions of a single country. Please see the links below to find out how the credits at our partner universities can be transferred into ECTS and US credits Die Umrechnung der in den USA oder Kanada erworbenen Credit Units in ECTS ist ein wichtiger Aspekt der Planung eines Auslandssemesters.Schließlich möchte man im Vergleich zu den zuhause gebliebenen Kommilitonen keinen Nachteil haben, wenn man nach einem Auslandssemester in Nordamerika wieder in den Studiengang der Heimatuniversität eintauchen möchte

The ECTS grading scale is a grading system defined in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) framework by the European Commission.Since many grading systems co-exist in Europe and, considering that interpretation of grades varies considerably from one country to another, if not from one institution to another, the ECTS grading scale has been developed to provide a common. 60 ECTS credits are the equivalent of a full year of study or work, and in a standard academic year, 60 credits would be broken down into several smaller components. A typical Bachelor's (or first cycle) Degree, would consist of 180 or 240 credits, whereas a typical Master's (or second cycle) Degree, would consist of 90 or 120 credits, with at least 60 credits at the second.

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ECTS Credits Certification Education Quality Accreditation Commission ECTS CREDITS CERTIFICATIONS FOR EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS The Education Quality Accreditation Commission may certify the qualification of an institution to issue ECTS credits for any course, training or program of study. In order to obtain this qualification to issue ECTS credits the institution must demonstrate that. There is a formula but is different from Institution from institution. The general formula is You take what was the highest grade or GPA possible to achieve. Ex. 100 being the highest or 10 being the highest. Some institutions will have 4 as being.. Introduction to the ECTS Users' Guide. The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) for making studies and courses more transparent and thus helping to enhance the quality of higher education.. The ECTS Users' Guide offers guidelines for implementing ECTS and links to useful supporting documents.. 2 ECTS credits = 1 NAU credit (In the case of a 5 ECTS course students may receive 3 NAU credits) One credit at the University of Botswana is roughly equivalent to one NAU credit. Courses and credits at American U Bulgaria works like a regular US University on the semester system

Credit transfers allow you to bring credits earned at another accredited institution with you to The American University of Paris. High school or secondary school students can earn advanced standing credits for their diplomas or advanced coursework European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) är ett europeiskt system för överföring av studiemeriter.Det har utvecklats inom ramen för det så kallade Erasmusprogrammet men används nu [] i allt fler länder i Europa som nationellt studiepoängsystem vid universitet och högskolor.Studiepoängsystemet bygger på att ett läsår omfattar 60 ECTS-poäng i samtliga länder, oavsett hur långt. Number of credits (Guidelines: 1 ECTS = 2 South African credits; 1 USA credit = 4 South African credits) or an overview of contact hours. Assessment methods; Period offered (i.e Semester 1 or 2): One thing that can be confusing for Stellenbosch University students, is the semester structure of universities in the Northern hemisphere Given the data above, you would assume 1 US credit = 2 ECTS = 4 CATS, which is what many universities accept as a rule of thumb.There are also universities that use 3 US credit = 5 ECTS = 10 CATS.In the end every university can determine their own conversion rate For instance, 5 ECTS credits are equivalent to 2.5 American credits. This system is greatly beneficial for students opting for exchange programs. It ensures equality for the local student and a visiting student (from other institution or country)

The rough equivalent of 5 ECTS credits is 2.5 American credits, Therefore we advise to transfer credits along this 2:1 ratio. Students from universities with an American credits system should verify their school's credit-granting process. Transfer of credits is at the discretion of the home institution But there are variation in the length from 13 to 16 in American Universities and workload per ECTS credit as well as Washington and Lee University (WLU). 2011. European Credit. The credit and grade conversion guidelines listed below have been developed based upon information collected from partner universities, professional credit evaluation organizations, American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) ISEP - American University Sharjah(PDF, 267K) United Kingdom

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One ECTS credit represents 25 to 30 working hours. An academic year is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits. In order to acquire a Bachelor's degree, 180 ECTS credits are required, while 90 to 120 ECTS credits are required for a Master's degree. ECTS credits are only awarded to students after the successful assessment of the achieved learning outcomes 24 ECTS credits: Denmark: University of Copenhagen: ECTS: 0.5: 2 ECTS = 1 NCSU credit: 24 ECTS credits: Ecuador: Unviersidad San Francisco de Quito: Credits: 1: 1 credit = 1 NCSU credit: Egypt: The American University in Cairo: Credit Hours: 1: 1 AUC credit = 1 NCSU credit: 12 credit hours: Finland: University of Helsinki (ISEP) ECTS: 0.5: 2. How are my credits worked out? Most modules are worth either 30 credits (for modules that run over a full year) or 15 credits (for those that run over one term). A 30 credit module is equivalent to 8 US credits, 15 ECTS or 30 FHEQ, and a 15 credit module is equivalent to 4 US credits, 7.5 ECTS or 15 FHEQ

Credits. Students are expected to take full course load (60 credits per semester, or 120 credits for the academic year). The below table will illustrate how our credits compare to those used in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) If you're preparing to become an international student and pursue a degree in America, it's important you figure out how credits are awarded at American universities as well as how European credits are converted to university credit standards in the United States.We're also clarify the different terminology used connected to credits so you avoid any confusions It is recognised that final decisions as to the award of credit and the conversion of grades for incoming students rests with the students' home university and therefore any ECTS grade suggested by the University of Edinburgh forms only a part of the information which will be provided to the home university to assist it in the process of deciding what grade/credit should be awarded to the.

The ECTS, European Credit Transfer System, is a credit system first introduced in Europe in 1989 within the educational exchange program Erasmus. The ECTS is now widely used throughout higher education institutions as it facilitates student mobility within Europe and the comparison of study programs and courses From the course descriptions, the content for a GraSPP 2-credit course appears to be more than 2/3 that of a North American 3-credit course. We have normalized the total course requirement for the GraSPP MPP degree to 18, which is the median of its collaborators in the Global Public Policy Network: Columbia SIPA MPA (18); SciencesPo MPP (18); Hertie MPP (20); LSE IPA MPA (16) Difference between the ECTS and the American credit system. The major difference between the ECTS and the American credit system is that . the first is based on student load, and is more oriented towards the students (the time required for them to meet the intended outcomes ECTS is a student-centred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competences to be acquired. ECTS @ Ghent University. Ghent University was amongst the first universities in Europe that successfully applied for an ECTS-label (2004)

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  1. Ireland University College Dublin ECTS 0.5 2 ECTS = 1 UNCW Credit Ireland University of Limerick ECTS 0.5 2 ECTS = 1 UNCW Credit Italy Florence University of the Arts US Credits 1 1 Credit = 1 UNCW Credit Japan Hiroshima University Credits 1 1 Credit = 1 UNCW Credit Japan Mie University Contact Hours Credit 0.031 1 32 Contact hours = 1 UNCW.
  2. In case in a country ECTS credits are given (See Table 1: Countries using ECTS) the credits can be taken over 1 on 1. In case the country where the credits are obtained isn't one of the ECTS using countries, please check if the institution is being mentioned in Table 2: Credit Conversion Table of Non-ECTS Credits
  3. ars, mock exams), laboratory and practical activities (professional training and traineeships in a company)

Credit system The credit system now used at NTNU is based upon a workload of 60 credits for each academic year. This corresponds to European Credit Transfer System credits (ECTS). Quick Reference: Quick Reference: NTNU's Grading and Credit System; Norwegian University of Science and Technolog Many European Universities that are using the ECTS credit system will use the ECTS grading system as well. However, some countries are still using the local grading systems found below. Argentine universities tend to have stricter grading standards than do those in the United States; thus, a mark of 10 is rarely awarded The ECTS allows academic achievement to be measured, compared and transferred between universities. Students can achieve 60 ECTS credits in the academic year and usually study 30 credits per semester

Credits / ECTS. The Study Abroad Programme uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and will refer to this in all aspects of your studies. ECTS is used by most universities in Europe and in many institutions across the world. A full-time academic undergraduate workload is deemed to be 60 ECTS in a full year, or 30 ECTS per Study Block A credit-rating is given when a university has assigned a certain number of credits, CATS points or SCQF credits to a module or course. Some older qualifications did not have a credit rating and in these cases the institution will need to provide confirmation that the study was credit bearing - meaning it was presented and assessed to the same standard as a degree programme

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  1. All publicly funded colleges and universities in Ontario have agreements for transferring credits between programs and institutions. According to the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), over 60,000 students take advantage of these agreements every year.. To simplify the credit transfer process, ONCAT has created ONTransfer.ca - an online resource for current and prospective.
  2. At Bond University, visiting students have a broad choice subjects for consideration. These courses are offered through each of our four faculties.. To find more information about Study Abroad subjects available each semester, please use the subject search.. (Please note, to filter your search results, please tick the Display only Study Abroad subjects box.
  3. Recommendation To obtain credit for 30 ECTS It is possible to combine courses from undergraduate level and graduate level. Undergraduate courses (3 credits) will count as 6 ECTS and graduate courses (3 credits) count as 8 ECTS. You need to take 2 undergraduate (300-400) courses and 2 graduate courses (500-600) to obtain 30 ECTS credits
  4. The University of Bologna in compliance with the ECTS Users' guide 2015 [.pdf] and the guidelines of the CHEER project annually prepares the ECTS tables that contain the statistical distribution of grades achieved by homogeneous groups of students in a given period.. In the ECTS tables, for each grade, the percentage of students who actually achieved it is reported
  5. The UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) was developed to simplify the process of transferring credits earned in overseas exchange programs to the students' home universities. UCTS uses the 60 credit point scale originally developed for the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS)
  6. ECTS credits or European Credit Transfer System is an academic credit system used to calculate a student's workload that he spends on a specific subject
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American College may sign articulation agreements for the mutual transfer of credits with other colleges and universities. Credits from distance learning education Students are permitted to transfer credits from distance learning, online learning, web-based learning or correspondence accredited courses offered by colleges and universities What are university educational credits - CFU CFU are a tool used to measure the quantity of learning, including individual study, required of a student in order to acquire knowledge and skills in the learning activities envisaged in the degree programme

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One ECTS credit point equals on average between 25 and 30 hours (workload). 60 credits are assigned to one year of full-time study: Bachelor: 180 credits are assigned for a bachelor degree. This therefore takes three years of full-time study. Master: a master's degree is worth 90 or 120 credits and takes 1.5-2 years of full-time study Universities in Berlin do a lot of co-operation as well, so if the previous three conditions are fulfilled, I can also choose courses at the Freie Universität. So, let's get to the credits: during your Erasmus year, you're expected to gather 60 ECTS credits (30 ECTS per semester).

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However, broadly speaking, at any given level, 60 Open University credits would be worth 30 ECTS points, and 30 Open University credits would be worth 15 ECTS points. If you've completed study elsewhere which is recorded in ECTS points, and you'd like to count this towards your Open University qualification, please contact us in advance of registration for advice Since, the credit equivalence can differ from university to university, as a rule of thumb, you can calculate the ECTS for a subject as the (Lecture Time+Self Study Time)/30 for a particular subject. e.g. the subject of Strength of Materials is taught 5 hours in a week and a semester goes on for 14 weeks (rough estimate) European Credit Transfer System Translation of Nottingham marks to ECTS marks. Each individual module has a credit value, which contributes to the academic year. University of Nottingham credit values are translated into ECTS credit values by dividing the Nottingham credit value by two. 10 hours of effort per 1 credit ECTS und US College Credits European Nazarene College folgt dem europäischen Leistungspunktesystem (ECTS). Es ist ein Schlüsselelement der Bologna Erklärung von 1999, das ursprünglich von 29 Ländern (aktuell sind es 46 Länder) unterzeichnet wurde ECTS enables higher education institutions throughout EU countries to easily assess and compare the academic scores of their EU students. That being said, keep in mind that ECTS is not developed to replace the corresponding grades at the German university you want to enroll, but to further ease the assessment of your actual academic credits

Credit awarded. Once your application has been processed you will be notified via your Griffith student email address. Your award of credit can be viewed on your Unofficial Transcript or the Transfer Credit Report available from myGriffith.. The Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy allows for up to two-thirds credit towards a Bachelor degree depending on the nature of the previous. The credit system used at the University of Stavanger is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). A Bachelor's degree in Norway normally provides students with 180 ECTS credits in total. A Master's degree in Norway normally provides students with 120 ECTS credits in total a professional master's degree. is obtained by 120 ECTS credits (5 years). a doctorat is obtained by 480 ECTS credits or 180 ECTS credits after the master's degree (8 years). Comparison between French and American higher education. American colleges and universities are very different from French institutions

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European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS) Conversion Guidelines for Study Abroad Credit Santa Clara University, Office of the Registrar beginning with the fall 2010 term adopted the following guidelines as recommended by the US Department of Education, US Network Education Information This list includes the most commonly used grading systems for each country. Unique universities grading scales are not described. When the original credential and/or grading scale is written in a language other than English, the description provided here includes the minimum amount of translation and modifications. If the country and credential of interest to you is not listed, you may request.

In order to be considered for credit transfer both your previous institution and the qualification that you studied towards need to appear in the lists above. Unfortunately if either does not appear then we will not be able to consider your previous study for an award of credit transfer. You can look up any other previous study you have complete Charles University is currently home to more than 48,000 students. It offers more than 300 accredited degree programmes in 630 fields. More than 20,000 undergraduates are studying Bachelor's degrees, while some 20,000 students are in Master's programmes and 7,500 in doctoral programmes.. More than 7,000 of the university's students come from abroad.. Each year, almost 8,000 people graduate.

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For more information see the ECTS User's Guide. Grading at Leiden University. Leiden University's faculties and study programmes generally use whole and half numbers between 1 and 10 to grade a student's work. You need a 6 or higher to pass. The grades in the ECTS grading table are based on this whole and half number grading system It is rarely necessary to make a conversion from European universities, since the majority of the European countries use the ECTS system. However, there are exceptions, like the United Kingdom and Ireland, where they do not use the ECTS system. There may be a few exceptions at universities in other European countries as well Traduzioni in contesto per formative university credits in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Duration Internships must last for a minimum of 150 hours equal to 6 formative university credits (ECTS), distributed over a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum period of 6 months Usually, the conversion rate from ECTS to American credits is 2:1, meaning 60 ECTS would convert into 30 American credits. However, this conversion rate vary, as some universities in the U.S. may use different credit systems Life in the USA Education in America Colleges and Universities. The American College Credit System Most American colleges require their students to earn a certain number of college credits (sometimes called units or credit hours) in order to qualify for a degree (or to satisfy core curriculum or major requirements)

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  1. Credit and grade conversions. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Credits and Grade Conversion Policy, and the information available at Learning Agreement and Credits and modules abroad. Transcripts from host universities. At the end of your exchange, your host university will prepare a transcript of your results
  2. ECTS credits are based on total work load, not just contact hours, which are the basis for most US semester credits. A standard credit load for one semester in ECTS units is 30, while a typical load in US semester credit hours is about 15 (or a bit more)
  3. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) To convert CATS to ECTS credit, divide the CATS points by two. For example, 120 CATS points equates to 60 ECTS credits. Other countries. Please check with the national body responsible and/or the overseas institution. CATS and prior study when applying for courses at Oxfor
  4. For credits transferred from an American college or university, the College will consider only courses completed at a degree-granting institution of higher education that has been fully accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies (e.g., the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), or from a program approved prior to study by the Committee on Educational Policy and Curriculum
  5. Start to make your dreams of a university degree a reality with affordable and flexible credit programs on edX. Our unique partnerships give you a low-risk and convenient way to earn credit on your schedule. Whether you're a high school student looking to jump start your university career or an adult learner hoping to earn a degree for the first time, edX credit-eligible courses can be your.
  6. Please note: our module catalogue does not use ECTS credits. A 20 credit Leeds module is worth 10 ECTS credits. Subject area of the module. If you are applying through a subject specific agreement then you are expected to take around 50% of your credits in that subject area

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  1. Credit can be used to support your entry to a higher education programme of study. As you accumulate credits, it can help make it easier for you to take a break from your study, as you progress through your chosen programme. Credit may also help you transfer to another programme either within the same institution or at a different institution
  2. At many universities around the world you will study a number of courses in parallel for the entire semester, whereas at Uppsala University it is normal that you take courses sequentially - that is, one after the other, not in parallel. Furthermore, a full-time study load at Uppsala University is 30 credits per semester, equivalent to 30 ECTS
  3. The ECTS defines credit slightly differently to the SCQF system as one year of study equates to 60 ECTS credit points. Each standard -Watt Heriot undergraduate modulerated at 1 credits5 is equivalent to 7.5 ECTS credit points. -Watt Heriot University will consider ECTS credits for students entering our courses with prior qualificationfrom
  4. Foreign Credits Forum » International Education and Credential Evaluation » GPA Calculator » ECTS to CGPA Converted Document. How can i calculate the overall degree in one class. we are using the ECTS in Khartoum University in Sudan. and each year's result is composed of the grade of each subject separately. Nemer #5 Posted.
  5. For example, Victoria University each of their courses is generally 12 AUS credits which equates to 4 US credits or 1 TCNJ unit. ECTS - European credits - are not equal to US credits. Students studying abroad in Europe (especially those in direct or exchange programs, like University of Nottingham) and taking courses assigned an ECTS value will need to be aware that ECTS credits are not.
  6. The Dutch grading system is used from elementary through to university education. The scale runs from 1 to 10. The passing grades range from 6 (satisfactory) to 10 (outstanding). The grades 1 to 3 are hardly used; the grade 10 is rarely awarded. the ECTS Grading Table has been introduced

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  1. credits at the Partner University. 3.1.4. Credits in ECTS can only be obtained after fulfilling the required requirements and evaluating the results of the obtained studies. (1) The ECTS transfer credit system shall be used for: - study programs in bachelor, master and cycles and postgraduate study programs, subjects taught and scientific studies
  2. The total number of credits you should take are: full year: 120 credits; autumn or spring term: 60 credits; Credit conversions. See how University of Sussex credit values convert into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and US Semester Hours, although this varies between US universities
  3. Leitfaden zur Berechnung von ECTS-Punkten für Leistungen im Ausland 1. University of California, Berkeley (Kurse mit 3 und 4 KP) University of Florida San Diego State University typischer Kurs hat 8 Units bzw. 3 Credits (5 ECTS), 6 Kurse pro Semeste

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Please also note that IE University will be able to recognize up to 120 ECTS credits (equivalent to two years of study). IE University is recognized by the Spanish Government. To be officially enrolled, all students must comply with the requirements established by the Ministry of Education Universal Credit and Full time studying How do university grades work - 130 credits OU for one year (120 credits/60 ects) Uni first year grading show 10 more 2.2 degree. Pls help Part time maintenance loan and universal credit The American University in Bulgaria offers exchange opportunities for students at European universities exclusively through the Erasmus Plus Program. Please see below relevant information about how you can spend a semester or a year at AUBG throu I've been looking into it and the offer is very attractive to me. My problem though, is that I am not sure if too many European schools would accept transfer credit from an American school being that they have completely different University systems, some degrees are three years and here in the states it's typically four years Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is when your previous studies are recognised and counted towards your current degree. RPL can be granted as specific credit, non-specific credit in a given discipline, reduced volume of learning or a waiver.. The type of credit you may be granted will be determined by the course you are enrolled in at the University and the level, content and completion.

Credit is awarded at specific levels and currently all CE courses are at FHEQ level 4 which is equivalent to the 1 st year of an undergraduate degree. The number of credits measures the volume of learning. 120 credits normally equates to 1 year of University study. The credit value of a course is included in each CE course description If you want college credit for coursework you have completed in another country, you first must check the rules at the college or university where you want to study in America. Not all colleges will accept the credits, but many at least will give you advanced academic standing if the requirements are satisfied Students who meet all requirements and successfully complete one of these five pre-approved courses may request a transcript with credit recommendations from ACE, which they can then present to the college or university of their choice for prerequisite or undergraduate credit consideration, to be granted at the discretion of the institution These days, more and more universities are offering for-credit programs via MOOCs. Just during the last year, Class Central has documented the launch of more than 30 new MOOC-based master's degrees.Many of the courses that make up these degree programs are publicly available to anyone with an internet connection

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Each semester awards up to 30 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) credits that are valid in, and can be transferred to other countries. A Bachelor's requires successful completion of six semesters, resulting in 180 ECTS credits. An additional four semesters are required to obtain a Master's, with an additional 120 ECTS credits the credits can be too few (and there is a need to supplement) or too many (and they can not all be used within the programme at the receiving institution). 2.1 Definition of ECTS credits The basis for defining the ECTS credit is that the total student workload of one academic year of full time study is determined to equal 60 ECTS credits

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30 ECTS: The normal workload per semester for a full-time student is 30 ECTS credits in Norway, and we recommend students to plan for approximately this amount of credits per semester. Requirements from home university: Your home university decides how many credits you must complete each semester and how you must go about to get your exchange at UiB approved as a part of your degree Process for credit transfer: Collect a Credit/Exemption form from the Humanities reception desk (Beattie Building), or download and print one out.; Take your transcript and some material describing the course content of your courses (such as the course description from a university handbook) to the Head of Department (HoD) of each subject you have completed The objectives and the core elements of the European Course Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are briefly described. ECTS is a tool to manage student mobility as it facilitates transparency, academic recognition, and commitment of the student and involved institutions. The impact on student mobility and teaching after implementation of ECTS at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is reported g-MEO Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad g-MEO uses U.S. semester credits and grades as U.S. letter grades. Multiply semester credits by 1.5 to get quarter credits. Use letter grades as listed. University of Hong Kong 1 HKU credit is equal to 1 DU credit. HKU grades are reported on the US A-F scale. Indi

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